Exclusive Tips to Become a Real Estate Developer in the United Arab Emirates in 2022!. Read Now.

07Jul, 22

Exclusive Tips to Become a Real Estate Developer in the United Arab Emirates in 2022!. Read Now.

A real estate developer is a specialist who works in the real estate development field. In order to manage the real estate development and sales process, this position requires strong collaboration with clients and other professionals in the field. Developing a solid network of connections and acquiring expertise in the industry are required to become a real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates.

Thus in this blog, Dhanguard will extensively discuss how you can become a successful Real Estate Developer in UAE. So without any further ado, let’s learn! 

What is the role of a Real Estate Developer?

The management of the duties involved in creating real estate and offering it for sale to customers is the responsibility of a real estate developer. A person in this position might buy land, help finance a real estate deal, collaborate to develop a building plan for a piece of property, oversee construction of the building, and choose how to promote the building or the land to customers.

  • Because they are the ones who decide to invest in real estate and develop it into something else, such as a commercial building or residential development, real estate developers take on some of the biggest risks during the process.

  • Certain stages of the development process are areas of expertise for some real estate developers. For instance, a developer might concentrate on inspecting and purchasing land or working with builders to erect structures on properties.

  • Others decide to concentrate on the full process from beginning to end, working with local governments to obtain permits, organizing marketing initiatives, and managing the construction process.

  • In the course of the process, real estate developers frequently collaborate with a variety of parties, including engineers, architects, contractors, city planners, inspectors, leasing agents, surveyors, and attorneys.

  • A real estate developer must possess a state issued real estate license in order to act as the sales agent or broker during the purchasing and selling process. Many developers begin their careers by assisting single clients in the purchase or sale of their properties in the real estate sector.

  • The road to becoming a real estate developer, however, is not the only one. Some have backgrounds in banking, law, architecture, construction, and urban planning. The real estate development sector on which you want to concentrate your career may depend on your background.

Real estate developers typically perform the following tasks:

  • Talking terms and prices with contractors

  • Getting money for development

  • Establishing development plans and designs with architects and engineers

  • Obtaining licenses for anticipated development and construction projects

  • Searching for a property to buy for development

  • Working collaboratively with different experts throughout the development process

  • Organizing real estate project finances

How to become a Real Estate Developer in the United Arab Emirates?

There are numerous paths you can take to become a real estate developer, but you must follow them carefully to guarantee you have the credentials and expertise necessary to succeed. To become a real estate developer, go to the following procedures:

Obtain a Degree

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in a relevant discipline is the first step in starting a career as a real estate investor. In spite of the fact that there may not be a specific programme devoted to real estate development, you can major in management, business, accounting, engineering, construction management, finance, or law, all of which will prepare you for the duties involved with the work. Although a Master's Degree in Real Estate Development is an option for you to pursue, it is not a requirement to look for employment in the sector.

Obtain a Real Estate License

Earning a real estate license earlier can help you start working in the field and gain more experience since you will probably need one to work as a developer. You must undergo a RERA mandated DREI Training in order to obtain a real estate license.

Develop your Skills

Getting as much real estate experience as you can will be beneficial while you go to college. You could decide to get a real estate license and act as a buyer's or seller's agent for people buying and selling homes in your neighborhood. You can gain greater knowledge about the real estate market by doing this. Working with a real estate developer is an additional choice that will help you understand more about the position and the procedure of creating real estate.

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Set up a Network

In order to have a successful career in any area of the real estate market, networking is essential. You must establish relationships with people who can assist you with funding, land acquisition, marketing, and the identification of potential customers.

To meet people who can assist you in expanding your network and establishing yourself as a real estate expert, take into consideration joining organizations on professional social networking sites. Along with others in the real estate industry, you could also want to go to regional events.

Learn Money Management Skills

Any successful developer needs to be able to manage the finances of a project because financial planning is a crucial step in the real estate development process. You can gain more experience with this aspect of the job by enrolling in college courses that cover financial planning, budgeting, and project management.

Knowing your Market

The real estate market may differ significantly from one location to the next depending on where you intend to work. Real estate markets can be fiercely competitive in some places, particularly those with larger populations of people living there and businesses there, but less so in others. As you gain expertise in your neighborhood real estate market, spend some time investigating current trends in both the commercial and residential sectors of the market.

This will enable you to establish the criteria and choose whether you want to concentrate on residential or commercial real estate development, as well as provide you a better understanding of the market in which you will be operating.

Comprehend Contracts

You must be able to understand and write contracts because they are frequently used in the real estate development industry. Taking a course on contracts will help you get more familiar with the legal jargon used frequently in the documents so you can draft and examine them without difficulty.


Becoming a successful Real Estate Developer in the United Arab Emirates can be a viable career option if you are upto it. Also our team of Experts will guide at every crucial step when it comes to obtaining a Real Estate License in UAE. Thus we hope this blog provided you with insightful information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to visit our Branch Office or our website as well.