How to Launch an E-Commerce Startup to Sell at Noon

11Apr, 22

How to Launch an E-Commerce Startup to Sell at Noon

As more businesses turn to  online platforms to be more visible and reach more clients, the number of digital purchasers grows. The convenience of e-commerce and the availability of things not usually found in traditional stores have resulted in more extensive online retail sales than a decade earlier.

The e-commerce business in the UAE alone is expected to reach 17 billion by 2025. Many reasons, including increased investments, expanding social media usage, and innovation, contribute to the region's e-commerce market's rise.

Online marketplaces such as are at the forefront of the e-commerce business in UAE. This enormous marketplace provides several options for brands of all sizes. Continue reading this blog and let’s see how Dhanguard is explaining about E-Commerce Startup Hacks

How do you start Selling on

These are the following step a consumer should follow for getting a Business Online

Sign up as a Partner

It's simple to get started at noon. Sign up and then click "Create a Store." To proceed, follow the instructions and enter the necessary information. This will take you to the following steps, including uploading your online store's documents.

Provide an E-commerce License

A valid trade license or business registration – especially an e-commerce license – is one of the documents you must obtain. An e-commerce license certifies that your company is legally permitted to sell and conduct commercial activities on online platforms such as websites and social media sites.

While applying for an e-commerce license in the UAE is simple, you must guarantee that your application is error-free. You can submit your e-commerce license and the other required documents to noon's seller website once you have obtained them.

Prepare and Submit the Documents

Selling at midday necessitates obtaining the proper documentation. When you create your seller store, you must upload the following documents: your passport or resident identification, your residence visa (if you are a foreign business owner), and your VAT certificate. You must produce proof of purchase, a distribution authorization letter, or a manufacturer permit or certification if you intend to sell Health and Beauty products.

Merchants that are not registered for VAT must file a declaration of VAT non-enrolment. Make sure to complete the appropriate form. The documents should also be signed and certified by the business's authorized owner or signatory.

Provide the Banking Information

A valid bank account is required. All payments from your e-commerce sales will be deposited into your bank account every week. To guarantee a seamless process, double-check that the bank account information you submitted matches the news in your commercial registration.

Your bank account information should include your company's legal name, account number, IBAN and SWIFT codes, bank branch, and store currency. It's critical to specify your store currency because you won't be able to change it later.

Read up on Seller Fees

Noon charges a sales commission ranging from 4% to 27% on things sold on the site. The amount varies depending on the type of product you intend to sell. It would help if you also considered the shipping and handling costs. These are sometimes expressed as a proportion of overall sales. In addition, midday charges storage costs ranging from AED 0.2 to AED 5, depending on the item.

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Choose a Selling Model

You can choose among noon's selling models once registered as a seller. There are three of them: fulfilled by noon (also known as noon express), cross-dock, and direct ship. The most common choice is fulfilled by noon (FBN), which relieves the hassle of selling online. The noon team will handle warehouse logistics, packing, and shipping under this selling model.

With a cross-dock selling approach, you will process customer orders before turning the products over to the noon team for packaging and fulfilment. Customers can choose to pick up or drop off at a noon hub. Finally, direct shipping means that the seller will process the orders, pick up the items, and pack them before delivering them to noon's logistics.

List your Products

List your goods on the Seller Station. You must include the product ID and description for each item listed. It is also necessary to have a product image and specification. You may use noon's product database, which includes everything you need to generate a listing, to make it easier to list your stuff.

Increase Sales

Now that your products are live on noon's website, it's time to discover how to increase your e-commerce sales. Conduct extensive market research to determine what your target buyers are currently purchasing online. The more information you have on them, the better.

Include relevant search terms in your product titles, descriptions, and photos. This improves your visibility as customers seek you in the marketplace.

Use the full features of noon, such as the noon Price Intelligence and Price Engine. Based on past pricing on several online platforms, Price Intelligence can assist you in determining the optimal price for your products. On the other hand, the Price Engine gives information on real-time price changes across the web, allowing you to establish your costs automatically.

Above all, don't skip the complimentary onboarding training. The Seller Lab at noon teaches you how to sell your products on the web. You can even schedule a monthly training session to improve your understanding of the process and tools offered.


There has never been a better opportunity to reap the benefits of launching your ecommerce enterprise. We are here to assist you in establishing your e-commerce business in the UAE. Please get in touch with us, and we will gladly help you throughout your e-commerce journey.Dhanguard, with the assistance of our expert team of advisors, offers business setup and company formation services in Dubai, UAE. Faster and easier company formation in the UAE's mainland and free zones.

Selling on has various advantages. However, in order to register a shop and begin selling on these platforms, it is necessary to be informed of the numerous requirements ahead of time.