How to Start Kiosk Business in UAE?

12Nov, 21

How to Start Kiosk Business in UAE?

The UAE is a magnet for enterprises and entrepreneurs worldwide. The kiosk business has been increasingly popular among the many alternatives offered because of its versatility and potential for success. Dubai is a major global city wiAth many opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Kiosks are the retail merchandising fixtures seen in shopping centres. As a result, the kiosk industry is often referred to as retail merchandising units, retail display stands, and shop-in-shops.

Opening a kiosk in one of Dubai's many renowned shopping malls is ideal for small business owners. These gigantic malls can be located around Dubai and draw crowds daily. This article will walk you through all the necessary processes to launch a kiosk business in the United Arab Emirates. We'll concentrate on getting a kiosk license in Dubai, setting up shop in a mall, and making sure the debut goes smoothly. 

Understanding the Kiosk Business in UAE

Before starting a kiosk business, it's crucial to grasp the basics of this industry in the UAE. Kiosks are small, self-contained businesses that operate in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, airports, and popular tourist destinations. They offer various products and services, from food and beverages to electronics and accessories.

Kiosk License in Dubai

Getting a kiosk license in Dubai is like getting official permission to run your business there. It's essential because it makes your business legal:

After that, you give all the needed documents to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) or the free zone authority where your kiosk will be. They will check everything, and if it's okay, you pay some fees. Sometimes, depending on what you sell, you might need extra permits. And remember, you must renew your license yearly to keep your kiosk business legal. If all of this seems confusing, talking to experts who can help you with the process is a good idea.

Starting a Kiosk Business 

The following is the procedure to start a kiosk business in Dubai:

 Research and Business Planning

  • Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to identify potential function and locations for your kiosk. Explore customer preferences and trends in the UAE market.

  • Business Plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your kiosk's concept, target audience, budget, and projected revenue. A well-thought-out plan is essential for attracting investors and obtaining financing if needed.

Legal Requirements and Kiosk License in Dubai

  • Business Structure: Choose a suitable business structure. This decision will impact your liability and the type of license you need.

  • Kiosk License: To legally operate a kiosk in Dubai, you must obtain the necessary licenses. The specific license you require depends on factors such as your kiosk's location and the products or services you offer. Consult with Dhanguard for guidance on the appropriate license.

  • Trade Name Registration: Register a unique trade name for your kiosk. Ensure it aligns with the UAE's naming conventions and is available for use.

  • Legal Documents: Prepare and submit the required documents, including your business plan, passport copies, and lease agreement for your kiosk's location.


  • Choosing a Mall: Selecting the proper mall for your kiosk is crucial. Consider factors such as foot traffic, target demographics, and rental costs. Negotiate lease terms that are favourable for your business.

  • Kiosk Design: Design your kiosk to stand out and attract customers. Ensure it complies with all regulations and creates an inviting atmosphere.

 Kiosk Setup and Operations

  • Suppliers and Inventory: Establish relationships with reliable suppliers for your products or materials. Maintain an efficient inventory management system to prevent stockouts and overstocking.

  • Staffing: Hire and train friendly, customer-oriented, and knowledgeable staff about your products or services.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Develop a marketing strategy that includes online and offline channels to promote your kiosk. Utilize social media, local advertising, and special promotions to attract customers.

Compliance and Ongoing Management

  • Compliance: Stay compliant with all UAE regulations, including tax and licensing requirements. Regularly review and update your licenses and permits.

  • Financial Management: Keep detailed financial records and monitor your expenses and revenue. This will help you make informed decisions and ensure the profitability of your kiosk.

Things to avoid in a kiosk business in Dubai 

  1. Ignoring Legal Requirements: Be sure to get the proper licenses and permits. Make sure your kiosk is legally allowed to operate. If you don't, you could face fines or even closure.

  2. Wrong Location Choice: Don't set up your kiosk in a place where only a few people go. Choosing the wrong location can mean fewer customers and less profit.

  3. Not Keeping an Eye on Finances: Avoid careless spending. Keep track of what you earn and what you spend. Your business could run into trouble if you're not careful with money.

  4. Neglecting Marketing: Refrain from assuming people will automatically know about your kiosk. Market your business through ads or social media. If you don't, potential customers may never find you.

  5. Ignoring Customer Feedback: Pay attention to what your customers say. Listen to their feedback, good or bad. If you don't, you might not make the improvements needed to keep them returning.

Growing Your Kiosk Business

As your kiosk business comes on track, explore expansion opportunities. Consider opening additional kiosks in different locations or diversifying your product or service offerings to cater to evolving customer preferences.


Many entrepreneurs experience challenges when it comes to forming a business in Dubai. It entails a time-consuming operation with some limitations. However, contacting the top service businesses can help you set up your business and give you the required services.

If you're interested in starting a kiosk business in Dubai, Dhanguard is the company to contact. Our specialists will provide you with complete company setup services in Dubai. We can also assist with trade licences, company registrations & everything else related to forming a business in Dubai. Obtaining the necessary kiosk license in Dubai, selecting the ideal location, and operating your kiosk efficiently are critical steps to success in this dynamic market. With dedication and a well-thought-out strategy, your kiosk business can thrive and contribute to the vibrant business landscape of the UAE.