Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

06Dec, 21

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Offshore company formation in the UAE is by far the most popular business setting option. An offshore corporation is a type of international corporate entity that pays no or very little tax.

They also provide the best solutions for business management, wealth management, clever foreign Investment strategies, and convenience and independence of corporate operations

Offshore companies are businesses that are registered in Dubai but are allowed to have their headquarters in areas outside of the city. Limited liability corporations, limited companies, and limited partnerships are all options for forming an Offshore company in Dubai.

Dubai Offshore Company Formation Guide

Apart from the advantages, forming an offshore business in Dubai is simple and takes only a few weeks. Filling out an application that includes all required information and documents, such as valid passport copies for all shareholders, preferred company name, proof of residency for all shareholders, and detailed information about the nature of the business to be carried out, is the first step in forming an offshore company in the UAE.

The registration of an offshore corporation in the United Arab Emirates is simple, and delays only occur when the application and documentation contain flaws. This is why you should work with Dubai offshore company formation experts at Dhanguard that can assist you with the preparation of the application documents and information to guarantee that there are no errors that cause delays.

Other duties that the UAE offshore company formation professional will assist with include investor and employee Visa applications, as well as the establishing of corporate bank accounts.


 Foreign investors have complete control over the offshore company they establish in Dubai. Furthermore, unlike other business formations in the UAE, investors are not required to have a physical address.


 During the offshore company establishment process, no information about the business's owners is revealed. Offshore company formations are appropriate for international investors who want to keep their business operations in the UAE and elsewhere anonymous.

Tax benefits

The UAE region has traditionally attracted foreign investors due to its favourable tax policy. Offshore business forms, for example, benefit from the absence of corporate income tax.

Offshore corporations are permitted to have multi-currency bank accounts, which enable international commercial transactions while also ensuring money protection. Your offshore company formation expert will assist you in selecting the best multi-currency banking services provider in the UAE as well as establishing the necessary bank accounts.

Documents Required to Start an Offshore Company in Dubai – UAE

  • Business plan (At least for 3 years). (If applicable)
  • Original Bank reference letter or 6 monthly bank statements (stamped by the bank).
  • Proof of Address (Ex. Utility bills, etc..)
  • CV of the shareholders.
  • Passport copies the shareholders.
  • 3 options for name reservation.
  • Business Activity

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Reasons to setup An Offshore Company in UAE

Since the beginning of offshore company registration in early 2003, the UAE has quickly established itself as the preferred commercial hub in the Middle East, as well as one of the most vibrant and international financial centres in the world.

Many private individuals and businesses establish an offshore company for a variety of reasons. However, the reasons for forming an offshore business in Dubai are as follows:

  • Anonymity, secrecy, and the utmost level of privacy are all safeguards for information.
  • Asset safeguarding
  • There is no charge for accounts.
  • International business can be done.
  • Bank accounts for businesses
  • You may use our address for your offshore company, according to Prestigious.
  • Any transaction between your firm and a foreign corporation can be handled by an offshore company.

An offshore Company Formation can be established in any of the UAE states listed below.

Here are the states where you can establish your Offshore company

Offshore RAK

The first half of 2016 will see the launch of a new form of offshore company in RAK called RAK ICC (Ras Al khamiah International Corporate Centre).

Offshore JAFZA

The government of Dubai built the Jebel Ali offshore in 1985, and it today spans over 100 square kilometres.

Offshore Ajman

The Ruler of Ajman formed Ajman offshore in 1988 and granted it independent status under the Emiri Decree No.3 of 1966.

The Benefits of an Offshore Company Formation

An offshore firm, like most other businesses, can engage into contracts, open bank accounts, buy and sell items and services, and own real estate. In most cases, an offshore entity does not pay taxes in its native country.

An offshore entity can be used for the following purposes:

International Trading

A trade company can set up shop in an offshore location. Customers would place orders directly with the offshore company, and the goods would be delivered directly to the client from the manufacturer or point of purchase.

Services for Professionals

You can also use an offshore company to run your consulting or counselling business. With the reduced/zero taxation of an offshore company, you can effortlessly operate your business.

Companies that own Real estate

You can benefit from such organizations by avoiding cumbersome inheritance procedures. If you own property through a low-cost offshore company. You (and/or your partners) can own as many shares as you choose. All of your property and bank accounts will be frozen until a court order is made in the event of any uncertainty or unanticipated circumstances.

Companies that make Investments

If people want to invest their money in several initiatives without disclosing their identities, they can set up an offshore corporation that will act as a corporate investor in various projects.

Copyrights, Trademarks, and patents are all examples of intellectual property rights.

In the name of an offshore corporation, any type of intellectual property right (copyright or trade mark) can be registered. This form of right can also be bought or sold by the firm.

 Holding Company

Offshore firms can be used as a holding company, allowing individuals to handle all their operations from one location.


Dubai is a major business centre that services the entire Middle East. It maintains its dominance in the broad region by encouraging foreign investors to use various company start-up structures, such as offshore company formation.

Because they are owned and controlled by foreign investors, most of whom go into worldwide markets, offshore firms are also known as non-resident companies or international business companies. As a result,  an offshore company formation in the United Arab Emirates is perfect for investors seeking international corporate control. For more information contact to Our experts at Dhanguard.