An Overview on Office Space in UAE

25Apr, 22

An Overview on Office Space in UAE

UAE is the ideal location for establishing your dream business. It has become a global hub of entities, and doing business in the country has proven advantageous for entrepreneurs. The UAE has been enticing entrepreneurs in vast numbers with its business-friendly rules, regulations, and laws. Office space is one of the most essential requirements for starting a business. Although virtual office space is an option, having an office in the right location can be beneficial. From traditional corporate spaces to innovative shared offices and virtual representation branches, the possibilities are vast, catering to various business requirements across emirates like Dubai and Sharjah. This blog will discuss everything about office space in the UAE.

What is the Requirement for Physical Office Space in UAE?

Any business entity wanting to establish a company must follow UAE's laws. As a result, to be eligible for a UAE Trading License, such businesses must acquire an office space to establish a legal presence. Each jurisdiction has its own set of rules for offices in the UAE and its own judicial authorities. For example, a foreign entity establishing a branch office must apply with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce and obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development. An office space is significant for businesses transitioning from the startup stage and looking to expand their regional scope and operations. In such cases, having a physical space to direct operations, manage resources, and better utilize tasks becomes essential. It also allows the company to invite clients and conduct business openly in a professional setting rather than settling terms through online channels. Furthermore, a physical work environment enables government officials to conduct regular inspections, monitor the company's performance, and ensure that all laws are followed.

Types of Office Space in UAE

In the UAE, you can choose from various office space options. It is best to consult with one of our professionals to determine which office type best suits your needs.

The following office space options are available in the UAE:

Virtual Office Spaces

A virtual office provides a physical address and office-related services to businesses without the cost of a long lease and executive staff. A virtual office allows employees to work from anywhere while still having access to services such as mailing addresses, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing.

Executive Office Spaces 

Executive spaces are also known as serviced offices and business centers in different parts of the world. These organizations offer office space and shared amenities such as a lobby, business services, furniture, and a kitchen.

Shared Office Spaces 

This type of office space has recently become popular in the UAE. Shared office space is both affordable and luxurious. More than one company will be operating in the same building/floor. On the other hand, the perfect separation between offices will ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

There will be room for planning meetings and discussions. Many businesses choose shared offices because they are both premium and cost-effective.

Meeting Room 

A meeting room is simply a room set aside to hold meetings. It's as simple as that. However, the meeting room may also be used for lunch, training sessions, client meetings, brainstorming, and strategy sessions.

Coworking Space 

Coworking spaces are community centers, collaboration hubs, and social spaces where employees from various backgrounds can share knowledge and explore new ideas.

Benefits of Renting an Office Space in UAE

Here are some of the advantages of an office space in UAE:

Diverse Economic System

Even though the UAE has a strong and competent market with customers worldwide, there are endless possibilities for a business to grow. The jurisdictions are divided, so business zones offer categorical sites catering to specific business needs. Thus, leasing an office space with specialized zonal regions could significantly impact businesses.

Strategic Geographic Area

One of the primary reasons for renting office space in the UAE is the city's comfortable and central location. It also enables the company to expand into the rapidly maturing markets of Asia Pacific and South Asia and the emerging markets of India and China.


The importance of adequate infrastructure makes it even more advantageous for businesses because they won't have to worry about office resources. From easy internet access to fully furnished office space, these benefits will be cost-effective and save the owner time they would otherwise spend looking for them.

Legal Aspects

Regarding foreign trade and investment, Dubai's legal formalities are welcoming. From licensing to establishing a Branch Office, the Dubai government has simplified the process to get businesses up and running quickly. Business owners prefer Dubai's relatively relaxed legal environment, which is why they are more likely to open an office there. While the government is constantly working to improve rental regulations, Dubai's foreign labour policies and liberal trade regimes also play a role.

Cost Consideration 

When it comes to doing business in the UAE, maintenance fees and day-to-day expenses are not a problem. To lease a commercial property in UAE, one does not need to consider the additional costs that require the proprietor's attention. Thus, having an office for rent in the UAE is preferable to owning one because the cost of renting is low and because of all the amenities available, one can get started with the business from day one.

Understanding the Corporate Space Dynamics

When considering a corporate space in the UAE, businesses have many choices. From prestigious office towers in Dubai's financial district to modern high-rise buildings in Abu Dhabi, the options for exclusive corporate spaces cater to companies looking for a more traditional setting. These spaces often come with customizable layouts, high-end amenities, and premium services, ensuring a professional and sophisticated environment for conducting business operations. Some Key points about Corporate space are:

  • Iconic Corporate Spaces: The skylines of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are adorned with impressive high-rise buildings housing significant corporations.

  • Shared Office Spaces in Dubai: The paradigm shift toward collaborative work environments has led to a surge in shared office spaces rental  in Dubai, fostering creativity and flexibility.

  • Virtual Representation in Sharjah: Establishing a virtual presence in strategic locations offers credibility without the overhead costs of physical offices.

Shared Office Spaces and Coworking Environments:

In recent years, shared office spaces have gained immense popularity. These flexible spaces offer an ideal solution for startups, freelancers, and small businesses seeking cost-effective, professional work environments. Dhanguard Business Centre in Dubai provides a collaborative atmosphere with modern amenities, networking opportunities, and a vibrant community, fostering innovation and productivity.

Virtual Representation Branches

Virtual representation branches offer an excellent solution for companies looking to establish a presence without a physical office space. This setup allows businesses to have a legal entity in the UAE, primarily in locations like Sharjah, without needing a physical office. This approach can efficiently explore new markets and establish a foothold in the region without significant upfront investment.

Finding the Best Office Space

Choosing the right office space in the UAE, whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, requires careful consideration of location, amenities, budget, and scalability. Each emirate offers unique advantages and caters to different business niches. While Dubai is known for its dynamic business landscape and diverse opportunities, Abu Dhabi provides a more relaxed environment focusing on specific industries like finance, oil, and gas.

While Selecting Your Ideal Office Space, remember:

  • Factors to Consider: Location, amenities, scalability, and budget are crucial to evaluate.

  • Guidance and Support: Our team at Dhanguard offers expert advice to help you choose the most suitable space for your business.

Dhanguard Business Center

At Dhanguard, we understand the diverse needs of businesses seeking office spaces in the UAE. Our one space business center offers a comprehensive solution for office space requirements. Located strategically in Dubai and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, Dhanguard Business Centre provides office spaces, coworking areas, and virtual office solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you require a private office or a shared workspace, our center is designed to accommodate your business aspirations.

Some reasons to choose the Dhanguard Business Center in Dubai:

Location Advantage

Dhanguard Business Center is centrally located in Dubai, offering easy access to critical business districts, transport links, and amenities, which can enhance client accessibility and networking opportunities.

Cutting-edge Facilities

The center boasts a modern infrastructure with high-speed internet and advanced meeting rooms, ensuring a productive and professional business environment.

Flexible Workspace Options

Catering to diverse business needs, Dhanguard likely provides flexible solutions, including shared workspaces, private offices, and adaptable meeting rooms, allowing businesses to scale according to their requirements.

Comprehensive Support Services 

Beyond the workspace, the center likely offers support services such as administrative assistance, reception support, and access to professional advisors, easing business operational burdens.


In conclusion, the UAE presents a spectrum of options for office spaces, ranging from traditional corporate settings to innovative shared spaces and virtual representation branches. Assessing the specific needs of your business is crucial in selecting the most suitable office space solution. Dhanguard Business Centre stands out as a provider of premium office spaces equipped with cutting-edge amenities, committed to providing tailored solutions for businesses seeking excellence in the vibrant UAE market.

For inquiries about office space solutions in the UAE, contact Dhanguard today.