Want to start a Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland? This Blog will Help!

19May, 22

Want to start a Company in Abu Dhabi Mainland? This Blog will Help!

Entrepreneurs from all over the world go to the UAE to start their businesses in a thriving economy. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and one of the world's fastest-growing and wealthiest markets. This Emirate is one of the world's major oil producers, but it also has a sizable real estate, industrial, retail, and tourism sector. The excellent location, combined with the diverse and growing economy, makes establishing a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland an excellent decision. The process is simple and takes only a few days to complete. You'll have a hassle-free business setup at the prominent location in no time with the help of the specialists at Dhanguard.

Thus in this Blog, Dhanguard will extensively discuss the Company Formation in Abu Dhabi. So without any further ado, Let’s Learn!

What to Know Before Starting a Business in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to starting a business, Abu Dhabi has everything an investor could wish for. It is a fantastic site with international renown and excellent tax advantages. Dhanguard can assist you in realizing your business goals and making the process as simple as possible. 

However, there are a few factors to consider before forming your company:

Know the Costs of Starting a Business in Abu Dhabi Mainland

There will be numerous fees involved with starting a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland. There will be a capital investment as well as few other costs, such as operational costs, business licenses, government certificates, visas, trade name registration, and incorporation fees, to name a few.

Understand the Laws and Paperwork

When it comes to legal procedures and documentation, the Abu Dhabi Mainland government is highly strict. Any delays could result in a hefty fine for the corporation. This is why hiring a business consultancy like Dhanguard, which is experienced with all of the procedures in the UAE, is a wise decision.

Understand the Steps involved in Forming a Company and Obtaining a Business License

To start a business in Abu Dhabi Mainland, you'll need to comprehend the incorporation process, conduct thorough market research, and have a thorough understanding of the location, currency, trends, and other elements that affect your company. You must also ensure that you adhere to all of the licensing process's laws and regulations. We can assist you in ensuring that you take all of the necessary actions to avoid delays.

Be aware that You are under Cultural Barriers 

Although Abu Dhabi mainland has a modern appearance, it has its own cultural boundaries that must be adhered to when launching a business. As a result, before establishing your firm, you will need to be familiar with the city and its cultural borders.

What can we do to assist you in getting started in Abu Dhabi Mainland?

The services included in our packages for business setup in Abu Dhabi Mainland have already been highlighted. You may not comprehend the services or why they are necessary for firms if you are new to the business sector. 

Here are some brief descriptions of how the services included in the bundle will benefit you:

Consultation on Starting a Business

When you first arrive in a new nation, you may have no idea what the market is like. People and culture are unfamiliar. It means that you may be in doubt that a service or product that sells well in your own country could not sell as well in the UAE. Our consultants, on the other hand, are well familiar with the local market.

Consultants who are Committed

Even after you've successfully launched your company, you'll need help with any legal concerns that arise, as well as other challenges in general. We will provide you with dedicated advisors that will be responsible for your company's needs.

PRO Services

PRO is an acronym for Public Relations Officer, which is also known as a Government Liaison Officer. All of the items for which you would need to deal with the authorities would be handled by our PRO services. We can take care of approvals and paperwork swiftly and affordably because we work closely with government officials all of the time.


We will take care of the company registration for you. The registration procedure is broken down into numerous phases that must be performed in order. However, you do not need to be concerned about all of this because we will handle everything for you.

Local Sponsorship

Previously, a foreigner needed a local sponsor in order to share ownership of a company on the mainland. Only 49 percent of a company might be owned by foreigners. The UAE government, on the other hand, now enables 100 percent ownership of enterprises in a variety of industries. If you want to do business in a sector that isn't listed here, you'll still need a local sponsorship. We will assist you in locating an appropriate local sponsor.

Trade License

In Abu Dhabi, there are six different kinds of company licenses. The type of business license you'll need is determined by the types of operations your company will engage in. Not only will we assist you in determining which of these licenses your company requires, but we will also register your company for that license. All you need to do now is define the business activities you intend to carry out.


We will assist you in obtaining visas for yourself and your staff. The United Arab Emirates permits you to hire people from all around the world. The visa is one of the biggest hassles for international business people, since it impacts a lot of their plans. We will obtain the visas on your behalf, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


To finish your company's registration process, you'll need a tenancy contract and EJARI. To obtain these documents, you will need to rent or lease office space. We will assist you in choosing the ideal office location for your company. So, if you want to start a business in Abu Dhabi, you don't have to look any farther. Get in touch with us right now to get started.

Advantages of Establishing a Business in the Abu Dhabi Mainland

If you're still undecided about where the greatest place to start your new business in the UAE is, read on. We understand your concern because making a decision can be tough when there are so many wonderful options. Making judgments regarding how to develop an empire in the world's most important and busy business hub is difficult. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Abu Dhabi Mainland over other emirates:

  1. In comparison to Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates, the overall cost of licensing and establishing a business in Abu Dhabi is less expensive.

  2. The registration procedure is much simpler, faster, and more efficient.

  3. Abu Dhabi offers a two-year long-term commercial license.

  4. Renewals are handled with minimal to no worry, and annual billings are offered at a discount.

  5. In Abu Dhabi, limited liability companies (LLCs) are subject to the lowest possible taxation.


Abu Dhabi is one of the most technologically advanced Emirates, with a strong infrastructure to support all types of enterprises. For entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, forming a company in mainland Abu Dhabi is a fantastic option. When you register your business, you'll get a lot of extra benefits, such longer trade license validity, easier and faster renewals, lower prices and payments, and a lot fewer taxes to pay. Thus we hope this blog provided you with insightful information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to check out our Website as well.