What Are the Advantages of a Mainland Company Setup

23Nov, 23

What Are the Advantages of a Mainland Company Setup

Are you considering expanding your business to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and setting up a company in Dubai? If so, you might be exploring different options, one of which is a mainland company setup. A Mainland firm established in Dubai is an onshore organization that conducts business both inside and outside of the UAE and in Dubai's local market. To create a Dubai Mainland Company, a local sponsor who is a citizen of the UAE is no longer required. You can, therefore, run your company in the mainland region with 100% foreign ownership. To determine whether your business qualifies for 100% foreign ownership, contact the mainland business experts at the Dhanguard Business Setup and discuss your functions. In this blog, we will delve into the advantages of choosing a mainland company setup in Dubai, focusing on critical aspects such as business setup in the UAE, mainland business setup, and the associated costs.

Mainland Business Setup in the UAE

A Mainland Company in the UAE is a business authorized by the relevant emirate's Department of Economic Development. DED offers a variety of business licenses to investors who want to launch a firm in the United Arab Emirates. A mainland business setup is the ideal choice for investors looking to establish a significant local presence in the UAE. Onshore companies are businesses that are registered on the Mainland.

A limited liability company is the most popular choice when establishing a corporation on the UAE's Mainland.The Mainland Business Setup gives investors more latitude for business growth. It makes it simple for investors to start new businesses, hire more staff, participate in government initiatives, etc. Investors favour the UAE mainland company since it is owned entirely by foreigners. A mainland license also allows investors to set up a warehouse and office space anywhere in the relevant emirates. Assisting investors in minimizing startup and ongoing operating costs for their businesses.

Additionally, a Mainland UAE company enables the investor to quickly increase employee numbers and build new branches in the country. Companies looking to expand locally or internationally may find that registering a Limited Liability Company in the UAE Mainland is a viable choice. Additionally, it makes trading and customs clearance simple.

Perks of setting up your business in Mainland Dubai

Some advantages of setting up your business in Mainland Dubai are as follows:

Strategic Location and Market Access

  • Dubai's strategic surroundings at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa make it an ideal hub for international trade and commerce.

  • Setting up a mainland company in Dubai gives you access to a diverse and lucrative market within the UAE and the broader Middle East.

100% Ownership

One of the most significant advantages of a mainland business setup is the full ownership of your company, which contrasts the free zones where you may need a local partner.

No Currency Restrictions

Unlike other jurisdictions, a mainland company setup in Dubai allows you to deal in any currency, offering more flexibility in your financial operations.

Access to Government Contracts

Mainland companies are often favoured when bidding for government contracts, a sector with significant opportunities in Dubai.

Diverse Business Activities

Mainland companies can engage in a broader range of business activities, offering flexibility to diversify and adapt to market demands.

Unlimited Visa Quotas

A mainland Dubai company setup typically provides more extensive options for securing visas for your employees, helping you build a dedicated team.

Potential for Unlimited Growth

Mainland businesses have no restrictions on the number of clients or projects they can undertake, which can lead to exponential growth opportunities.

Networking and Partnerships

Operating on the Mainland allows you to build valuable relationships with local and international businesses, fostering growth and collaboration.

Global Brand Recognition

Establishing a presence in the heart of Dubai enhances your company's global reputation and credibility.

Dubai's World-Class Infrastructure

Benefit from Dubai's state-of-the-art infrastructure, making business operations smoother and more efficient.

Dubai Mainland Business setup procedure

The steps to establish a business in Dubai Mainland are easy to understand. The steps to starting a business in Dubai Mainland are listed below:

  1. Choose the type of business you want to do in Dubai.

  2. Choose a local service agent to serve as the temporary local sponsor.

  3. Verify the cost, accessibility, and suitability of the venue.

  4. Obtain initial approval from the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

  5. You can use it for a Dubai mainland license if the above mentioned requirements are met.

  6. Send DED all the paperwork needed to incorporate the business and the applicable license cost.

Documents Needed To Form A Mainland Company in the UAE

The following documents are needed to establish a mainland company in the UAE:

Initial Acceptance

  • Application for registration and licensing and evidence that a trade name is reserved.

  • Copy of the applicant's passport and information on their visa or residency permission for those not GCC citizens.

  • For non-GCC nationals, a letter of support from the applicant's present sponsor.

  • A copy of the director's passport and a letter of approval from the director's current sponsor are also required.

  • For applicants under 21, court permission is required to conduct business.

  • Depending on the nature of the action, various government authorities may provide their approval.

  • If the partner is an established corporate organization, a board resolution

Documents Necessary following receipt of the initial approval

  • Receipt for Initial Approval: All paperwork submitted for initial approval.

  • A photocopy of the plot number from the office lease.

  • Copy of the Memorandum of Association that has been properly notarized.

Types of Mainland Licenses in the UAE

The requirements for a Mainland Business Setup in the UAE are selecting the appropriate business activity and a legal business structure. Single-owner companies, partnerships, corporations, and LLCs are the only legal business structures in the UAE.

The following categories broadly describe the business licenses available in the UAE:

  1. COMMERCIAL LICENSE:  a business license that is valid for all types of trading

  2. PROFESSIONAL LICENSE: a professional license that encompasses artists, craftspeople, and specialized professional services;

  3. INDUSTRIAL LICENSE: a license for conducting manufacturing or industrial activities.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) grants these permits. However, several ministries and other government agencies must approve licenses before they can be issued for specific types of businesses. DED lists More than 3000 activities under numerous categories for business licenses. When forming a corporation in the UAE, investors can select from a list of available business activities.

Why is setting up a business in the Mainland the best option?

Dubai is one of the world's most well-liked tourist and commercial locations. With the support of the Department of Economic Development (DED), the government has a diverse pool of talented human resources from around the world, as well as a significant market base of consumers, excellent infrastructural facilities, a diverse collection of competent human resources from across the globe, and business-friendly policies.

Mainland Company Setup in Dubai: Costs and Considerations

Setting up a mainland company in Dubai does come with some costs, including trade license fees, office rent, and visa fees. However, as mentioned earlier, these costs are often offset by the numerous advantages. It's essential to consult with business consultants or experts to understand the specific costs associated with your business setup. A comprehensive understanding of the type of license required, which relies entirely on the business the investor establishes on Dubai's mainland, is necessary to assess the cost of a mainland license in Dubai. Licenses are given to companies operating on Dubai's mainland based on the type of activity that the business is engaged in.

Businesses engaged in trading will need a commercial license; businesses engaged in manufacturing will need an industrial license; businesses involved in services on the mainland of Dubai will need a professional license. Contact Dhanguard today to make your dream of setting up a business in Dubai turn into reality.


In conclusion, opting for a mainland company setup in Dubai presents many advantages, from strategic location and market access to flexibility in ownership and business activities. The business-friendly environment and Dubai's world-class infrastructure make it a prime destination for companies looking to expand or establish a presence in the UAE. While there are costs involved in the setup process, the benefits outweigh the initial investment, making Dubai a dynamic and prosperous choice for business expansion. The advisors at Dhanguard Business Setup Company have years of experience assisting business owners worldwide in establishing operations in Dubai. Setting up a mainland company in Dubai will be a very profitable decision for your firm's future with the correct help and direction. To learn more about our extensive company formation services, which include business establishment, visa processing, PRO services, business license renewals, and more, contact us immediately. We'd be happy to help!