How much does a Trade License cost in Dubai?

29Nov, 21

How much does a Trade License cost in Dubai?

A trade license is required in Dubai to start and run a business in the city or anyplace in the United Arab Emirates. Because of its rapid economic expansion, accessibility to expanding markets, and massive demand for goods and services, it's easy to be attracted to start a new business in Dubai.

To perform any business activity in the Dubai mainland or free zone as a foreign investor, you must first have your trade license granted by the UAE government.

In Dubai, the Department of Economic Development is in charge of issuing Trade Licenses. When applying for a DED trade license, you will have to go through several steps to get the license. As a result, it's critical to understand the application procedure and different sorts of trade licenses in Dubai so that you can prevent any delays or roadblocks.

In Dubai, What is a General Trade License?

General Trade License in Dubai signifies the Department of Economic Development's approval of your business operations. Once you have it, you are free to sell any of the things that the UAE government considers lawful.

On the other hand, some things, such as alcohol, automobiles, medical products, and weapons, require specific government license to be marketed. They, too, need a trade license, although it's usually a specialized form of trading license, such as a Commercial Trade License.

The following advantages come with any form of trading license:

  • Trade inside the UAE and Emirates is unrestricted.
  • A fantastic opportunity to establish yourself as a major player in the UAE market.
  • Be a genuine company entity that conducts trade operations in a frictionless manner.

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What are the Steps to Getting a Dubai Online Business License?

The process of obtaining a general commerce license in Dubai is simple. You may get your trade license with just a few documents and your business information.

1. Decide on a business name

Begin by deciding on a trade name for your business. Make sure you don't use any offensive language that could result in your trade license being rejected. In the same way, you must choose a legal structure for your business.

2. Make a decision about your business's activities.

Make sure you adequately identify your business activities when applying for a DED trade license. Mention all of the products or services you intend to offer, as well as the channels via which they will be sold.

3. Get the go-ahead from the boss.

To get your DED trade license primary approval, fill out the application form on the web site.

4. Obtain any necessary exterior approvals

If you intend to sell products that require specific permissions, you must first obtain a special trade license. You should do your homework to see if the product you wish to sell needs any specific approval.

5. Decide on a location for your business

In your DED trade license application, you must specify the location of your business. As a result, consider whether you want to sell on the mainland, in a Freezone, or Offshore. You must also get your tenancy contract signed and confirmed by the Ajaria once you have made your decision and open your Business Bank Account.

6. Submit Your Application to the Department of Economic Development

To get your application approved, send it to the Department of Economic Development. This is one of the last phases in the process of applying for a trade license.

How much does a Dubai Trade License Cost?

To avoid any complications at the last minute, you must be aware of the charges associated with the trade license. A trade license in Dubai typically costs between AED 15,000 and AED 50,000. However, depending on the types of items you wish to sell, which may require specific authorization from the UAE government, this figure could increase even higher.

The cost of a trade license in Dubai is determined by a variety of factors, including a collaboration with a local sponsor, numerous business partners, business activity, establishment region, and business structure, among others.

Similarly, trade licenses on the mainland and in free zones have various costs and processes. While the Department of Economic Development is in charge of mainland trade permits, a separate authority is in charge of free zone trading compliance.


In Dubai, you can obtain a trade license. Dhanguard is a hassle-free option. Obtaining a DED trade license can be a crucial step in the development of your company. We recognize that there are several details to be considered during the process. You will receive the best guidance on obtaining your trade license in Dubai from our team of qualified business advisers, regardless of your business location, budget, or industry.