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Why account application signing should be in front of bank officer is required but not online?

There are a number of reasons why a bank will call you or demand your physical appearance in their branches to fulfill some of the formalities. And in order to complete the task and get over it, you cannot deny them and have to visit the bank branch in person or meet with an authorized Bank Officer to complete the leftover procedure. Therefore, the reasons behind the abovementioned is enumerated below.

  • When applying for a bank account, you must show the bank that you are trustworthy. The company's creator must show that he or she is well-versed in the industry in which the business will operate. By establishing a person's or company's reputation and debt history, prior business experience help in accelerating the procedure. Also the bank is sure that he person opening the account is genuine as shown in his Identifications.
  • Most Banks will demand your Emirates Identification before sealing the procedure in order to confirm that you aren’t residing in the country on unlawful basis.
  • Many a times it may happen that the bank officials are not sure or do not have complete trust on you regarding the data you have provided beforehand or the business plan you have explained regarding the loan you seek to get from the bank. So they demand your personal appearance or enquire by sending an authorized bank officer to get the surety of the fact that you will be a genuine customer to the bank.


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