12 Best Small Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE

10Nov, 21

12 Best Small Business Ideas in Dubai, UAE

Low tax rates, low import tariffs, free trade agreements, a competitive economy, strategic position, cutting-edge infrastructure, and a slew of other advantages make the United Arab Emirates (UAE) one of the greatest places to do business in the world. As a result, the UAE has a plethora of commercial opportunities. Foreigners from all over the world go to Dubai in search of work, to establish a business, or to visit. These are the trends that are creating an abundance of business and Investment opportunities for both locals and foreigners.

Dubai has always been a business centre, and Sharjah, which is directly connected to it, offers a wealth of options. The rich commercial grounds are currently increasing faster in Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaima, thanks to the government's ongoing efforts. The business ground is equally rich whether you are a UAE national or an ex-pat living here. Yes, there are some grants exclusively for nationals, but it doesn't matter if your Business ideas in Dubai are something that has a strong market in the UAE.

Although the rules and business climate in general favor startups, particular areas may have higher setup and licensing fees. As a result, it's a good idea to look for business ideas that are in high demand and don't require a lot of setup or Licensing expenses. Thus, in this blog we will primarily discuss about what are the small business opportunities available in UAE. So without any further ado, let’s learn!

Some of Best Small Business Ideas in UAE in 2022

We'll go over some of the most profitable business ideas for the UAE market here.

Deliveries of home-cooked meals

A large number of 9-to-5 workers seeks fresh home-cooked cuisine every day for lunch, but they are unable to prepare it on a daily basis. Aside from that, eating fast food on a regular basis is neither healthy nor economical. So, if you pick a commercial district with a lot of activity and offer a bargain for 2 to 10 people each week or month to the offices there, you'll almost certainly receive some nice business. Many of these firms are already up and running, but with the country's rising population and business activities, there is still a large demand for them.

Deals on Luxury Travel

Dubai and other parts of the UAE are popular tourism destinations for visitors from all over the world. True, the country's travel and tourism industry is well-developed.

More intriguing deals, discounts on luxury tours, and other attractive packages, on the other hand, are always welcome. So, if you can handle such thrilling tourist visits, you will have a lot of success.

Become an Online Florist

People in the UAE enjoy purchasing flowers for various events and occasions. They require flowers not only on Valentine's Day, but also on a variety of other significant occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

It is a fantastic idea to start a delivery service as well, however many people find it difficult to walk out and find a flower shop. You don't have to limit your flower delivery business to just that. You can add extra items later, such as greeting cards, chocolates, and so on.

Freelance Writer

One of the finest business ideas for the UAE is to become a freelance writer. Working from home will become increasingly prevalent after 2020. You might be a good fit for freelance writing if you have some writing talents and a good imagination. This is an excellent path to choose because it is so varied and may accommodate any writing needs you may have.

You might start writing blogs for other people if you prefer to write from the ground up. They'll give you a quick outline of what you'll need to write, as well as the keywords you'll need, and then you'll be free to go. If you choose to work in the editing field, you might be able to obtain work editing for said blog or website. There are plenty of employers in this field. So, if you can write and want to supplement your income, go for it!

Freelance Web Design

If you enjoy using the internet, you may be in for some fantastic prospects. Do you enjoy creating websites and assisting businesses in expanding their reach? If that's the case, you should seriously consider working as a freelance web designer. This is currently one of the greatest business ideas in the UAE. The nicest thing about freelancing is that you can set your own hours, work from home safely, and eventually develop it into your own company.

It may be tough to secure your first work, depending on your degree of experience, but we recommend that you start with lower prices. You can start charging more once you've completed your first work and received a positive rating. Another plus is that if you work as a freelance web designer, you can extend your skills and offer other technological services to your clients.

Repairing mobile phones and other electronic devices

A new gadget or phone swiftly replaces an older model, however the majority of individuals wait until they have a working model in hand before purchasing a new phone or device. And, in most circumstances, when anything goes wrong, the first thing they think of is repairing it rather than buying a new one. If you work as a mobile phone technician, this might be a lucrative job.

"What kind of business may I operate in Dubai?" you might have wondered earlier. So now you have a number of low-cost business ideas that could perform well in the United Arab Emirates, but keep in mind that the success and profitability of your firm will be determined by how well you execute them. You can lose it if you don't put in enough time or effort!

Brokerage firm

The B2B market in the UAE has grown significantly. As a result, a prognosis of the brokerage business's success can be made. Almost every day, a number of new enterprises spring up across the country. These businesses necessitate a variety of services. Existing businesses also require more customers. Some of them may have to sell their company to a third party, and so on. All of this is a powerful motivator for someone interested in becoming a business broker or a business transfer agent.

Hair Salon Business

This is another fantastic idea in Dubai's list of tiny businesses. A spa or a beauty salon necessitates a significant financial commitment.

Opening a hair salon, on the other hand, is not difficult and does not require a large sum of money. Furthermore, it is a universal need that will never be met. As a result, there is no risk of this firm failing in the UAE.

Broker of Insurance

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates, health and auto insurance are required, thus everyone requires health insurance as well as car insurance. As an insurance broker, you solely operate as an agent for large insurance firms; you sell insurance and profit from it. You can imagine how successful it would be if everyone in the UAE required insurance in the same way that they required food and clothing.


It's a new business in the UAE that doesn't require any investment. You can start this business if you have a strong grasp on certain subjects and believe you can teach them effectively.

The education and schooling system in the United Arab Emirates is highly expensive. You may be able to offer your services at a lower cost. It will allow you to have more pupils knocking on your door. You can begin by tutoring at home; subsequently, you can open your own academy and expand your business. Online tutoring is also a viable option.


It's a large business that encompasses any online venture, such as mobile app development, Web Development  online marketing firms, content agencies, and online public relations firms, among others. However, this is an option to consider just if you are an expert in your industry.

Online Trading

It's similar to regular trading, except it saves money by eliminating the requirement for a physical showroom. The only things you'll need are inventory and delivery services. To reach a larger market in less time, you might start selling on third-party websites like Souq.com and Groupon.ae. Meanwhile, you can create and promote your own website to attract direct clients. You should think about drop shipping because it might save you a lot of money.


We hope you were inspired by these small business ideas for the UAE! So, what do you have to lose? Get out there and build your own company! Thus, we hope this blog provided you with incite full information. For more information on other related aspects, feel free to check out our websites as well.