How Much Home Loan Can I Get on my Salary in Dubai?

07Dec, 21

How Much Home Loan Can I Get on my Salary in Dubai?

Are you considering getting a home loan? Do you want to see how much money you might be eligible for if you apply? Knowing how much money you can borrow before making a significant financial commitment is wise. The laws governing your home loan eligibility and actions before submitting your application have been clarified. Another consideration is whether your firm is on the bank's approved list of companies. For example, some businesses have a history of late salary payments. Some banks only lend to those who work for companies on their list of permitted businesses. But a fundamental question often arises: "How much home loan can I get on my salary in Dubai?" In this blog, we will explore the factors that influence the amount of home loan you can secure in Dubai, focusing on the minimum salary requirements, mortgage eligibility criteria, and critical considerations for expatriates.

What is a Home Loan?

Purchasing a home is our most significant and prominent financial choice; it is quite challenging to buy a home without financial support, due to the rising cost of real estate. These loans are called "Home Loans" when provided to individuals by banks or other financial institutions. Until the debt is repaid, the residence is held as collateral under a mortgage. The lending institutions can seize the mortgaged property if the borrower doesn't repay the loan.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Mortgage Loan?

The most significant approach to realizing your desire to acquire a home is with a home loan. A home gives one a sense of security and stability and makes a terrific investment. The following are some benefits of getting a home loan in the UAE:

  • Get a free home value and insurance.

  • The majority of institutions provide free, lifetime credit cards.

  • You can obtain loans for up to 80% of your property's market value during times of need.

What are the Criteria for a Home Loan?

The UAE has seen a surge in Home Loans in recent years. Banks and financial organizations have become more aware of each person's desire to own a property and are now offering simple and appealing schemes.

Some of the most significant qualities of Dubai home loans are as follows:

  • Both UAE and non-UAE nationals can apply for a home loan.

  • It is possible to repay the loan over up to 25 years.

  • Processing is simple, as is documentation.

  • There are loans available for both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Exceptionally low-interest rates.

  • There are a variety of repayment methods available.

  • Fees for processing are reasonable.

  • UAE nationals have access to complete home-finance solutions.

  • Schemes for expats that are appealing.

  • Co-applications are permitted.

How Much Home Loan Can I Get on an AED 25,000 Salary?

Let's say your pay is AED 25,000 per month. Consider your other financial obligations to determine how much of a house loan you qualify for. Banks use debt load ratios to calculate how much your income should be used to pay off loans. Usually, this proportion falls between 40% and 50% of your monthly payment.

Here's a simplified calculation:

Monthly Salary: AED 25,000

Maximum Debt Burden Ratio: 50%

Full Monthly Debt Repayment: AED 25,000 * 50% = AED 12,500

Assuming you have no other debts, you could secure a home loan with monthly repayments of up to AED 12,500. 

What Documents are required for a Home Loan in Dubai for Salaried Individuals?

Each bank will have paperwork requirements for processing your loan application, just like eligibility. The following are some of the essential documents:

  1. A copy of your passport that shows you have a valid visa

  2. Identification Card from the United Arab Emirates (Not Required for Non-Resident)

  3. Initial bank statements from the past six months (certificate of salary)

  4. Copy of Memorandum of Understanding

  5. Copy of the Seller's Passport

  6. Copy of the Deed

What are the Home Loan Interest Rates in the UAE for Salaried Employees?

Home Mortgages are subject to a wide range of fees, which vary from one bank to the next:

  • Processing fee: 0% to 1% of the approved loan amount

  • Pre-Approval price: 0% to AED 1,000

  • Property Valuation Fee: AED 0 to 5,000

  • Prepayment Fee: 1% of the outstanding amount or AED 10,000, whichever is higher—no prepayment fee after one year.

  • Buyout Fee:1% of the outstanding amount or AED 10,000, whichever is lower.

It's worth repeating that these rates will fluctuate and alter over time. Before applying for a loan, please consult with your loan provider.

Critical Considerations for Expatriates:

Some Critical Considerations for Expatriates are as follows:

  1. Visa Status: Your visa type, stability, and duration in the UAE can impact your eligibility for a home loan.

  2. Credit Score: A good credit history in the UAE is crucial when applying for a mortgage. Maintain a healthy credit score by meeting your financial obligations.

  3. Down Payment: Be prepared to make a down payment, typically 20% of the property's value, not covered by the mortgage.

  4. Loan Tenure: Longer loan tenures may lead to lower monthly payments but higher overall interest costs.

  5. Interest Rates: Keep an eye on interest rates, which can significantly affect your monthly expenses.

What is the Minimum Salary in Dubai to Get a Home Loan?

Because Dubai has affordable and luxurious houses, the minimum wage required to buy ready property in Dubai will vary depending on your desired property type and location. In Dubai's annual sales market analysis for Q3 2021, we'll break down the EMI and minimum salary requirements for flats and villas in widespread neighbourhoods.

You should also remember that most UAE banks require a minimum monthly salary of AED 15k to qualify for a property loan. Although some banks may approve applicants with a monthly salary of AED 10,000, the minimum ADCB home mortgage salary is AED 15,000.

Minimum Salary Required in Dubai to Buy a Villa or Townhouse

A monthly salary of Dh 25,000 is required to purchase a villa or townhouse in Dubai. "It'll get you a townhouse in a master-planned community like Town Square or Mira. Dubai Marina, Business Bay, and The Lagoons are some of the other top areas in this salary range, "Abad informs.

Here's a checklist to help you make the best selection possible:

While selecting a Mortgage Loan in the UAE here's a checklist to help you make the best selection possible:

Do your research

In a market with so many options, it's easy to pick a product or service based on how enticing it seems at the time. As a result, completing your study before approaching a lender and being upfront about your objectives will assist you in making the best selection possible.

Add a margin to your required estimate

Buying a house includes more than simply paying the asking price. Before deciding on how much financing you'll need to fulfil your ambition, you'll need to consider many other costs. Add in the cheapest expense of acquiring the home and leave yourself a tiny cushion until you've finalized the total.

Don't take more Loan than you can handle

A home loan is a buddy for life. While a 20/25-year term can lower your monthly payments, it will also lengthen the time you have to pay. Make sure you don't overwork yourself.

Making a Down Payment

The amount of money required for a down payment varies by association. A larger down payment would reduce your loan commitment significantly, whereas a smaller down payment would leave you more finances to work with. Take time to think about it.

Is it better to have a fixed rate or a floating rate?

You should not attempt these calculations on your own. If you pick either option, request a list of due installments from the appropriate authority. Make a decision that is right for your financial circumstances with the advice of an expert.

The majority of banks offer home loans:

While most banks in the UAE offer home loans, several banks also provide it as a priority product. As follows:

  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

  • Dubai Islamic Bank

  • Emirates NBD

  • HSBC Middle East Ltd.

  • Mashreq Bank

  • First Abu Dhabi Bank


Determining how much home loan you can get on your salary in Dubai involves several factors, including your income, financial obligations, and the specific criteria set by banks. Additionally, staying informed about the latest regulations and minimum salary requirements is crucial for aspiring homeowners in Dubai's dynamic real estate market. Buying a home is likely the most important financial decision a person will ever make. Purchasing a property without financial aid is increasingly challenging due to rising real estate expenses. Personal loans issued by banks or financial organizations to people are known as home loans. Please fill out the form and contact our professionals at Dhanguard if you are a salaried individual needing a home loan.