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DhanGuard's Audit and Taxation Team is focused on giving Best services and solutions for Auditing, Taxation, VAT Accounting, Bookkeeping, etc. We are constantly upto date with latest National and International Tax Laws which help us to serve you better.

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VAT and Auditing

A VAT (Value Added Tax) is a consumption tax that is leived on a product whenever it's value is calculated at each stage, from production till it is sold. The Amount of VAT that the user pays is based on the value of the product, less any of the value of materials that have been used in the product and that have already been taxed
  • Documents identifying the authorized signatory (Passport And/Or Emirates ID)
  • Trade license copy of the company
  • Other official documents authorizing the entity/individual to conduct activities within the UAE.
  • Description of business activities.
  • Turnover for the last 12 months in AED
  • Supporting document for 12-month sales
  • Expected turnover in next 30 days
  • Estimated value of imports for one year from each GCC countries
  • Whether you expect to deal with GCC suppliers or customers
  • Supporting documents for customs registration in each emirate if applicable.
  • Bank account details
in UAE, VAT is calculated at the standard rate of 5%. Supposing the output tax you pay is 10,000 AED. So, the final (net) VAT payable will be 10,000 AED – 5,000 AED = 5,000 AED.
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