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Credit cards have a variety of benefits that cater to a person's various financial and everyday needs. As a convenient payment tool, it comes with enticing incentives and benefits that vary depending on the type of card chosen by the customer.

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  • FREE FOR LIFE CARDS - Cash on Call & Reward Points
  • ELITE CARDS - Concierge, Hotel Discount & Premium Lounges
  • CASHBACK CARDS - Online Shopping, Dining & Grocery cashbacks
  • BUSINESS CREDIT CARDS - Business owners & Entrepreneurs
  • TRAVEL/AIR MILES CARD - Lounge Access & Free Tickets

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Credit cards offer a range of benefits providing to different types of financial and daily life needs of an individual. Being a suitable payment method, it is hustled with eye-catching rewards and perks depending on the type of card selected by the customer. Credit cards are mainly used for shopping, travel or to meet any unforeseen need or expense. We at Dhanguard offers you a wide range of options for Credit Cards.

What are the things to consider before applying for Credit Card?

Often people get confused while selecting the right credit card? We have listed out the subsequent key points to be taken before selecting a best credit card for your reference. They are as follows-

Credit Card

Rate of Interest

A significant feature is the rate of interest while applying for a credit card in UEA. Always select the card that provides a low rate of interest hence it would not disrupt any of your future fiscal plans. Always evaluate your financial portfolio and spend arrangement before selecting any credit card


Credit cards acquire certain charges such as Annual fee, over limit fees, late fees, etc. One should carefully go through the information on charges imposed before making the final decision regarding selection of a credit card

Minimum Income

There is a slab for minimum income for each credit card, therefore before applying for one you should go through the minimum income prerequisite and pick the card according to your monthly income.

Key Benefits and Rewards

Each credit card has a unique rewards as well as benefits that adds up as a plus while purchasing any goods or services using Credit Card. You can also select and compare credit cards that would provide you with the maximum benefit and rewards as per your requirements.


What are the various types of Credit Cards in UAE?

With the comprehensive list of cards in today’s time that are offered by banks and various financial institutions, the businesses are getting more and more jumbled. There are numerous shopping cards, co-branded cards, late fees, fuel cards and many more. Choosing from the wide-ranging list is a time-consuming process.

Understanding the dilemma of the client, we offers a list of best credit cards in UAE that one can benefit for. The credit cards that are offered in UAE have reward points, cashback, discount offers, free movie tickets and much more to interest to the shopper.

Here is list of Credit Cards to select that will best for suit you.

Types of Credit Cards

Cashback Credit Cards

This type of Credit cards provides the most basic benefit to its cardholder. Whenever a transaction takes place with a cashback credit card, the user will get a cashback. The cashback is commonly provided as a credit in the bank statement or as per the policy set by the concerned bank.

Points/Rewards Credit Card

This type of credit cards provide an extra advantage to the user in terms of rewards and points with cashback as well as discounts.

Air Miles/Travel/Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards

This type of credit cards are best for everyday traveler. Travel with benefits becomes a plus point for the customers of such cards. As this type of card comes with attractive discounts on flight, discounted hotel tariffs complimentary airport lounge access, etc. One can also avail cashback and Air miles credit as per their spending.

No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Most of the banks offers no annual fee credit cards, the customers using this type of card can access the card without paying any joining or annual maintenance fee (AMF). This types of cards are enhanced for early customers who does not wish to pay any charges, it is suitable for mostly the early owners of credit cards.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for acquiring a Credit Card in UAE?

The eligibility criteria for acquiring a credit card in UAE are as follows-

Eligibility Criteria


Most of the banks offers credit cards between the ages of 21 years to 60 years. People with the age of 18 or more can also get credit card if the applicants can show income earning sources.


The income or salary proof is mandatory requirement to get a credit card in UAE.

Credit History

Credit score is an important condition to get a credit card, the credit score ranges from 300-900. If any applicant is applying for the first time then a credit card with limited options is available. The benefits of the credit card will be revised based on the usage of the card.

ID Proof

UAE Nationals are required to show their Emirates ID, whereas emigrants are needed to show documents such as their passport as well as visa.

Address Proof

A valid address proof is obligatory to get a credit card in UAE. 

Monthly Income

The prime eligibility criteria for a credit card is a monthly income of minimum AED 5000.

Additional Documents

Additional KYC documents is required by the concerned bank for verification purpose.

Listed Company

Some of the companies in UAE are listed with bank. Banks here rely mostly on information to verify a person’s credit worth, details such as working company, number of employees, Employer Company’s revenue, past records. The banks already has the details of the employees so the banks are comfortable in approving the Credit Card. The employees of the listed company are not required to frequently visit the bank for purpose of getting approval for the Credit Card.

Non-Listed Company

It is difficult for the Non-Listed Company Employees to easily avail the benefit of Credit Card from the banks. Small Companies are generally not listed with the Bank and they do not have any information or details of the employees of Non-Listed Company. There are a few banks which approve Credit Card to employees whose company is not listed. They look at other criteria, although the list of these banks is comparatively small, they do offer Credit Card. Some banks also consider if the applicant’s company is not listed on the ground that the applicant is required to submit proof of extensive stable income source. Also, in such cases, the borrowing amount can get affected and rates may vary as well.

“Different banks have diverse eligibility criteria that depends up on the type of credit card one is selecting. Eligibility criteria for independent customers vary from bank to bank.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for credit card online by visiting Dhanguard and selecting type of credit card as per your requirement. We will further assist you with the process and requirement as per your requirements.

According to the UAE Central Bank regulations, any individual should earn a minimum salary of AED 5,000 per month to be considered eligible for credit card. Also, the Debt Burden Ratio of the consumer should not exceed 50%, to be eligible for a credit card.

Late payment fees are charged by banks if the minimum payment due on a credit card is not received on or before the payment due date. It vary from bank to bank but is generally about AED 250 per month.

As per the Shariah law, some banks in the UAE offers Shariah Compliant Credit Cards. This type of Islamic credit card stringently follows shariah principles that charges profit rate instead of interest rate as Riba is sternly prohibited as per the Islamic law. Though, Shariah Islamic credit card works similarly like a traditional credit card but with minor difference in the offered benefits.

The credit card has a fixed credit limit, grace period, annual percentage rate, annual fees and bifurcation in offered benefits.