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POS Merchant Loan in the UAE

Move with the trend, go cashless through POS Merchant Loan

Does your company have a large amount of credit card-based transactions? By using the POS machine or a card swipe machine, POS Merchant Loans are secure for you. For more information on a business loan secured by Point of Service Machine, please contact Dhanguard. Our team of experts will gladly guide you.

Features of Loan against POS:

  • Flexible repayment options
  • No collateral required
  • Less complex documentation
  • Comparatively low-interest rates, etc.

POS Merchant Loans are reliable for businesses with a substantial amount of credit card-based transactions by using the (POS) Point of Service machine or by way of card swipe machine. There is a push towards cashless transactions in today's time, which has made cashless transactions a key factor in financial exchanges. Now people are conveniently using credit/debit cards for single-digit transactions. Therefore, having these things into consideration, many business owners have to provide POS or card swipe machines. This had opened an opportunity for enterprises to spawn merchant cash advance loans easily. If you are looking for a business loan against POS machines, you can contact us for more details.

Features of Loan against POS
  • Easy daily repayments
  • Flexible tenure up to 24 months
  • Unsecured loan (No collateral required)
  • The loan amounts are available up to six times an average monthly transaction.
  • Loan against future POS receivables financing
  • Lowest Interest as compare to other business loans and also Profit Rates
  • Easy and hassle-free documentation
  • Quick Business Solutions
Why do you Prefer Loan against POS Machine?

POS systems definitely add a whole lot of flexibility to your financial transaction mechanism. Whether you have any medium size businessman or any small corner cafe owner, the POS machines are well-equipped to serve your daily needs. Besides removing the hassle of paper-based transactions, POS machines can also be connected to cloud-based systems that provide an extra security and encryption to monetary transactions. These systems have proven to be time-saving and easing the inventory tracking processes. By calculating the number of transactions that have been occurred daily, you can have an idea of the inventory or storage. Hence, these POS systems can easily help you in credit generation in the form of MCA loans.

How it would help a business owner?

In case you are an offline retailer, however, if you accept payments digitally by using Credit or Debit cards or a POS terminal (Card swipe machine) or via QR code from a mobile wallet, then you can easily avail the loan equivalent to the average monthly sales in accordance with your card/QR payments. This type of loan can be easily repaid daily from the POS machine or from a mobile wallet, which happily reduces the burden of heavy monthly EMIs. You share or apply with your unique Merchant ID to evaluate the eligibility. In case your swipes are not sufficient to pay the loan, we can deduct the balance amount from the bank account via the ECS mechanism.

The loans against POS machine scheme, the EMIs which are required to be paid daily depend on revenue generated on a particular day. Therefore the debited amount fluctuates, depends on the daily earnings. On the other hand, the traditional ways of EMIs do not have a flexible payment system. The benefit of Merchant Advance loans is independence to business owners of opening the new line of the parallel credit system.

Benefits of POS Merchant Loans

  • Flexible repayment options up to 48 months
  • Islamic financing availability
  • POS receivable by POS service provider may be assigned to Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Top up facility available
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Easy and hassle-free documentation

Required Documents

  • National ID proof and a valid passport with UAE residence visa

  • Emirates ID with the signing authorities and shareholders

  • Power of Attorney or Board Resolution

  • Valid legal and constitutive documents (i.e., Certificate of Commercial Registration, Free Zone Certificate of Incorporation, Trade License, Memorandum of Association, Partnership Agreement) as

  • the case may be

  • No requirement for audited financial statement

  • Assignments of POS proceeds to Commercial Bank of Dubai (Post-approval)

  • Last six months of POS account bank statements

  • At least 12 months original bank statements in favor of the business entity.

Importance of having POS merchant loans

POS merchant loan amount is always proportional to the monthly card-based transactions. If you can get 200% of the transaction amount, you can borrow up to 50 lakhs from merchant advance loans. Considering day-to-day business expenses, it is a substantial amount to meet any daily routine needs.

Merchant Advance Loans are available for the period of 6 months to 12 months, depending upon the needs of the business. One can easily avail of the POS loans with an interest rate of 1.5% per month as the lowest. This can be helpful in daily repayment plans, so there won't be any extra load on you as a business owner. In the case of loans against POS machines, the turnaround time can range from 3 days to a week's max duration.

Eligibility Criteria

  • It is open for all the registered business entities who have (POS) Point of Sales Machines in the last six months.

  • The business operations and transactions must be active for a minimum of two years.

  • The minimum requirement of balance maintained balance in bank accounts must be AED 30,000 for at least six months.

How Dhanguard helps in applying for you?

  • Completing your application

  • Upload documents

  • Credit analysis

  • Loan disbursement

Why to choose Dhanguard?

POS merchant loans are equally beneficial for both business owners and the credit issuer. These merchant loans can aid entrepreneurs with the funds to run and in an expansion of their businesses. Lenders are also assured of timely repayments because of the ingenious way of daily repayment schemes.

Dhanguard offer business loans to all types of the retailer and online businesses against (POS) Point of Sale Machines or Payment Gateway proceeds. This loan can help in your business expansion or can help in opening another outlet, fixed assets, financing your inventory, meeting the need of debt, or any other operational expense. This can be easily repaid by easy monthly installments from proceeds of sales collected with the help of your POS machine. However, this type of loan does not require additional collateral.

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