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Get Travel Agency License in Dubai & UAE

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Get Travel Agency license in Dubai, UAE 

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Dubai, the UAE's capital, has established a global reputation as a tourism destination. Millions of international expats pick ‘Dubai' as their preferred vacation destination, making it the world's sixth most visited city. Connect with Dhanguard to obtain your UAE Mainland or Freezone Travel Agency License.

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Dubai is without a doubt one of the most popular holiday destinations in the globe. Dubai is an ideal destination for every type of vacation due to its pleasant climate, beautiful coast, architectural monuments, and breathtaking modern buildings. The UAE government is devoting significant resources to the development of the tourist industry. The combination of these elements makes Dubai an appealing jurisdiction for operating a tourism business or a travel agency.

It is one of the most popular holiday destinations due to its beautiful shore, architectural landmarks, and contemporary infrastructure. The region also has a welcoming environment for businesspeople and entrepreneurs, which encourages them to set up shop in Dubai. The tourist industry, as one of the most profitable in the world, also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs and established businesspeople to start their own tourism businesses. A travel agency license is required to proceed in the same manner.

Activities covered by the Travel Agency License

The UAE tourism department has established numerous types of activities that a travel agency might deliver to its consumers in order to improve the country's tourist business. Tourism enterprises in Mainland & Freezones can select from a variety of activities:

  • Buying and selling aircraft tickets.
  • Issuing travel insurance is a service that we provide.
  • Using a website to sell tourist packages.
  • Providing assistance during the visa application process.
  • Creating and promoting tourism packages through multiple means.
  • There are various lodging alternatives available.

In UAE Mainland or Freezone, how do you get a travel agency license?

The actions below must be fulfilled in order to receive a travel license.

Acquire a thorough understanding of the types of licenses available

Before you apply for a travel agency license, you should be aware that the UAE government issues three different types of travel licenses:

Operator of Inbound Tours

The travel agency deals with incentive tours for international visitors who are attending a conference or seminar. Once you get this license, you will need to deal with visas, transportation, and residency for the duration of your tour.

Operator of Outbound Tours

If you want to promote tourist programmes in other countries with the help of travel agencies, you'll need to get an outward tour operator license.

Agent for Travel

A travel agent license is required if you want to start a travel business that involves selling tickets, seat reservations, hotel bookings, and car rental services.

Gather the Required Documents

The next step is to gather the necessary documentation that must be submitted to the authorities. The following documents are included in the list of crucial documents:

  • The authorities furnished the authorities with a completed application.
  • A copy of the applicants' valid passports is required.
  • A professional qualification certificate.
  • The applicant has no criminal history.
  • A detailed assessment on the project's technical feasibility.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority has not issued any objection letters.

Concentrate on the Unique Situations

The procedure of forming a travel agency company in Dubai has a few unique requirements that must be met.

  • The firm must be organized as an LLC, with a local sponsor holding 51 percent of the company's shares and the foreign investor holding the remaining 49 percent.
  • A certificate of at least three years of experience is required.
  • The Department of Civil Aviation must approve the project.
  • In the case of incoming operators, an irrevocable bank guarantee in the name of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing is required.
  • Any Dubai bank must issue a Dh 2,00,000 bank irrevocable bank guarantee in the name of DTCM for an outbound operator.
  • The cost of hiring a travel agent is Dh 1,00,000.


Submit the Application and the Documents

Finally, the necessary paperwork must be presented to the government authorities by following the steps outlined below:

  • Submit the company name to the Tas'heel Centre's DED counter.
  • An application will be supplied, which must be filled out with the names, addresses, and office information, as well as the appropriate signatures.
  • Following the submission of the application, an officer will be dispatched to the place for inspection.
  • The shareholders must sign the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which must be drafted by a Notary Public.
  • The next step is to prepare the tenancy agreement.
  • All of the above stated documentation must be submitted in a timely manner.

UAE's travel and tourism industry

Apart from being a technology and innovation centre, Dubai is one of Asia's most popular tourism destinations. The geographic location of Dubai is ideal for attracting revenue from tourism-related activities. For travellers travelling from the west to the east and vice versa, Dubai functions as a connecting point. Tourists from the West use Dubai to travel to Africa and Asia. As a result, Dubai's Connectivity factor is enormous. The passenger traffic through Dubai International Airport is expected to exceed 75 million by 2020.

The travel and tourism industry makes a substantial contribution to the UAE's GDP. According to 2016 data, the overall contribution was AED 150 billion, or 12.1 percent of GDP. In the UAE, the sector supports about 300,000 direct jobs, accounting for 5.4 percent of total employment.

The UAE government has initiated a number of projects in the travel and tourism sector. The efforts are being launched in various Emirates, including Abu Dhabi Sustainable Tourism, Dubai Tourism Strategy 2020, and others.

Every year, approximately 2 million people visit Dubai's Burj Khalifa, a skyscraper wonder. And, yes, Dubai has a lot to offer investors from all over the world in the field of travel and tourism.

Advantages of obtaining a Tourism license in UAE Mainland or Freezone

Obtain a Tourism License with Dhanguard. We guarantee a slew of advantages.

The travel agency can provide visit visas and sell plane tickets. Conduct tourism-related activities such as guided tours. Organize worldwide meetings, conferences, and events.

Encourage tourism both inside and outside of the country. Assist you in locating suitable office space for your tour company. Performs the whole travel license documentation in a systematic manner. Coordination at the departmental level is done in a systematic way.

Travel Agency License in SHAMS

Sharjah Media City Free Zone offers over 120 business activities to choose from, giving entrepreneurs the freedom to mix and match operations under one license. This Free Zone, however, also offers travel agency and tour operator licenses.

This collection of activities makes it easier for investors to select a travel agency activity that includes selling travel, tours, transportation, and lodging services to both the general public and commercial clients.

Sharjah Media City Free Zone is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This Free Zone opened in early 2017 to serve the needs of creative and media-related companies.

Shams encompasses a wide range of business activities available for individuals desiring to achieve their business objectives in the United Arab Emirates, with the goal of being a great media hub for innovative facilities and services.

Why Choose Dhanguard?

When the incorporation process begins, the travel and tourism industry is closely scrutinised and is expected to receive a travel license more quickly. Obtaining the same appears to be a difficult chore at first, but it can be made easier if you approach any specialised agency that handles with the process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dhanguard is here to assist you along the process. We assist our clients in obtaining business licenses in a secure manner, as company incorporation is one of our main services. Contact us immediately to get your travel agency license; we'll be happy to help.

Dhanguard provides the business setup and company formation services in Dubai, UAE with the guidance of our professional team of consultants. Faster and hassle-free company setup in Mainland and Freezone in UAE.

Dhanguard provides faster and hassle-free Trade License with minimum paper work. With the guidance of our professional team of consultants you will get General trading license, Freelance license, Etrader license, Event Management License, Travel Agency license in Mainland and Freezone in UAE.

Travel agent license is required for travel agents who involve in activities like visa support, travel accommodation, tour and sightseeing operations, transportation, air ticket sales etc. The prerequisites for the Travel Agent License is the same as Outbound and Inbound Licenses. However, there is an additional requirement. Department of Civil Aviation’s NOC or No Objection Certificate is mandatory for the license issuance. In order to apply for a NOC, a request letter in Arabic on behalf of the local sponsor is necessary.
An Outward Tour License will allow for both incoming and outbound tour operations in Dubai. This means that travel operators can organise tours outside of Dubai, which is not possible with an Inbound License. The bearer of an Outbound license also has the option of holding international meetings and conferences. The insurance policy is also required for the Outbound License. The policy is valid for the entire duration of the license. Outbound Tour License bank guarantee exceeds Inbound Tour License bank guarantee.
An Inbound Tourism operation license is required for businesses planning to engage in inbound tourism operations. The same license is necessary for all inbound tour companies. Within the boundaries of Dubai, an Inbound tour license holder can offer tours and sightseeing activities. Tour programmes linked to events and conferences can be arranged by the inbound tour operator. Another requirement is that you have travel insurance to cover any potential risks. The policy will be in effect for the whole duration of the license.
The following are the types of businesses that require a valid Tourism License to operate in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. • Companies that provide travel services • Hotels • Restaurants • Car rental companies • Travel Agents
The most significant component of the procedure is to write a business plan in both English and Arabic.
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